Steve Webster : Drums


My name is Stephen Webster, and I am 17 years old. I grew up in a Christian family, with strong Christian parents, where I
heard many bible stories and prayed from a very young age. Although I have grown much older and have moved on from the cartoon bible notes, I have still a strong faith in Jesus Christ.

I love going to church every week where I usually play the drums in at least one of the services. Through my youth group
at St. George’s Church, I have been able to attend a week-long youth camp in the summer for the last 5 years, where I have learnt so much more about God’s love and spending time with others Christians. Also, for the last two years I have served in the Children’s Work at a Christian camp called “New Wine”, by caring for and telling the kids about the amazing news of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, I have been able to attend the 5 day long Youth camp called “Soul Survivor”, which has
deepened my understanding of Jesus and has encouraged me to be more open and honest about my faith.

At Soul Survivor I felt God call me to be more willing and to pursue my drumming more thoroughly, and in the following year I started to drum at church on a weekly basis, and joined three different bands to boot. Although I know that I have a long journey with Jesus Christ ahead of me, I feel excited about the many wonders I have and have not yet discovered from a loving relationship with Him.