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My name is Robin, and I am very pleased to be able to tell you my testimony.

I was born in to a non-Christian family. They were good, decent honest people. Neither of my parents had any religious views. My relationship with my mother was difficult. We loved each other very much but times were regularly hard. I grew up to be a loner, and had difficulty talking to people. I was angry and bitter.
  My Mother passed away at an early age and I helped to nurse her through her final days. Some of the things that I witnessed in that time were dreadful but I believed that God gave me the strength to cope at the time. This was the first time that I had really felt God’s presence in my life. That belief in God remained with me from that time on, although I still did not go to church at that time.
Some pretty decent years followed but then my father, who I adored, got a lung disease. I looked after him as well as I could for the five years of his illness. Just before Christmas 2003 I got ill myself with a virus and a few days later my father took ill as well. I am sure that I gave him the virus that I had, and my father was taken in to hospital, where he died a few days later. I was devastated and blamed myself for his death.
  The guilt destroyed me. This was one knock too many and one that I just could not bounce back from. I went in to a four year fight against depression, with life, at times, just seeming to painful to carry on with.
  Things were bleak and there was no hope….or so I thought!
  In January 2008, I bumped in to a friend. I felt dreadful that day and was pleased to see a friendly face to talk with for a few minutes. We got chatting and she asked me if I would like to come with her to her church. This was a defining point in my life. I became a Christian, at the age of 43, two weeks later.
  In my first few months as a Christian things improved and I started to enjoy life again. My stress levels seemed to go down and I had people around me who I liked.
I was baptised in June, a great day! That day I was shown more love than any other day in my whole life.
About a month after I became a Christian I was at church and I was shown a video clip. In this clip several people all walked on to a stage and they all carried a board with writing on it. The word described what they felt like before they turned to the Lord. They then turned the board over to show how they were feeling now. A woman came on to the stage and she help up her board. It had written on it BROKEN. She turned it over and it read MENDED!!!! A lot of people could identify with the wording that was written on to the various boards. This was mine. I was broken and I wanted to be mended.
I bought a Bible, and I started to pray. I would never have thought it possible.
  My first prayer as an adult was a prayer for strength and friendship, both of which I was sadly lacking. I just wanted to be able to get through the day, one day at a time, with no stress or worry, and not to be continually on my own.
  My first prayer was hesitant, self conscious and fumbling. It came from the heart though, as I wanted to be well! Looking back, I received both of the things that I asked for, but I have also received far more besides!
  Two major stumbling blocks in my life have been broken since I became a Christian. One of these was in my early weeks as a Christian. The Holy Spirit spoke to me of the importance of forgiveness. I took notice of what the Spirit said to me, and this made a huge difference in my life. Feelings of anger and bitterness, that had been rooted in me for years, since childhood some of them, were released.
  The second of these was broken at Life Church, Peterborough. Despite being baptised, I still held on to some guilt concerning my father’s passing. A Sunday service, appeared to be aimed directly at my problem. It was said during church that sometimes, as well as forgiving others, we sometimes need to forgive ourselves for things that have happened that we couldn’t help. This struck home and I was prayed for that day. The release from guilt that I felt was amazing.
  People have noticed a difference in me. A few months after becoming a Christian a friend said to me that my worry lines had gone! Several people said how well I was looking. Just a small thing for them to say perhaps but I can assure you that it means a great deal.
  I have friends now who I love very much. It is hard for me to say adequately say how much my friends mean to me.
  I was pretty badly broken at the time that I became a Christian. My life was plagued with petty insecurities and fears that had plagued my life. I was very, very nervous of just about everyone. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I now feel as strong as people around me.
  There is still hurt in my life, and I still suffer the same problems that we all do. The year 2010 in particular has been a real rollercoaster. The difference is that I handle these problems with the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ inside me. That will get me through the bad times.
  I look forward to the future, though, with great confidence, knowing that the Lord will always be there for me. He has given me much, and far more than I deserve!
Thank you for reading,