Florence House, Park Road Peterborough

Group Photo Park Road

September 2010 and the Peacemakers hit the road again, this time it was a very short journey, with a gig played at Florence House Residential Home in Park Road, Peterborough. The line up on the day was Brian, Tim, Les, Doug and Florin with Bill and Sandy on vocals. Matt was doing the sound and behind the scenes were John, Dave, Blondie and Robin. It was great to hear Les, Doug and Florin jammin before the start of the show, and Bill's off the cuff Elvis rendition also made an old lady's day!
A small but appreciative audience enjoyed the show, which was the last before the Peacemakers gig at Pakefield.
I hope that you like the photographs included here. Photograph of the day though is not included here. Conmgratulations to Matt, who saw two members of the backstage crew asleep during the show and had the presence of mind to take a photo of them while I was actually facing the other direction, photographing the band!!! Matt's photo was posted up on to Facebook later that day, to the amusement of a large and appreciate audience!!!

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