together at east of england 2010

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October 2010, and the Peacemakers were on the road again. The destination this time was Pontins at Pakefield, as the holiday camp was taken over by the Eastern Region New Frontiers churches for the yearly Together At East Of England weekend.
The Peacemakers played on the Saturday evening, after the main worship had finished. The band on the day was Brian on lead guitar, Les on rhythm guitar and Doug on bass and harmonica. Tim played the drums with vocals coming from Carol, Marion and Bill. Marion also played the keyboard.
  Behind the scenes staff were Matt doing the sound, Robin getting in everyone's way taking the photos, with Dave, John and Bob setting up and taking down!
  The band played in front of a large and very enthusiastic crowd, with a large contingent having made the trip from Life Church, Peterborough. Good to see people dancing and making a lot of noise.
  The band finished their set at well past midnight and the "lucky" few then made the trip back to Peterborough for the following morning's service. Mentioned in despatches are Doug and Sheila, who played in the wroship band at Peterborough the following morning and Robin, who ended up getting to bed at nearly 4am before being back on the welcome team at church the following morning (mind you, he would have got to bed a little earlier if he hadn't have watched Strictly Come Dancing on BBCi Player when he got in!)
  A genuinely good evening, which was enjoyed by all present.

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