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I was brought up in a Christian home and baptised as a child, so I knew about Jesus from an early age. However this doesn't make you a Christian. I made a personal commitment when I was 6 in 1982. I'd like to say that I have been a model Christian since then and leave it at that, but I can't. We all have ups and down in our lives and going through my teenage years I lost my want to be a Christian. I still believed in God and enjoyed the security of it, but didn't want to go to church. I found it boring. My Dad by this time had become a Methodist minister (not the reason for the boredom) and I was always known as the minister’s son. I felt that this had become my identity. I hated that. Most of my friends at the time weren't Christians. They didn't try to lead my astray, they just didn't believe and this influenced me, God was less on my mind because of it. I guess I started to come back to God when I moved to Eastbourne for my first full time job.

Even though I had been distant from God he was still at work in my life. I had applied for load of jobs in lots of different places but the only one offered to me was working for a Christian run recording studio. After a long time of settling into Eastbourne I finally started to come back to God. I joined a large charismatic church and made loads of new friends. I have seen God working in my life a lot since then. He gave me that job I am sure, sorted out all my accommodation and gave me some great friends. My current life has been built from that single event. It was a pivotal moment. The jobs I have had since, the people who have influence me, even meeting my wife and
subsequently having my wonderful 2 boys all stem from that moment. God has been good to me.

I know I don’t have a radical transformation story like some people. I’ve always led a good life. Never done drugs or even got drunk and in a way I regret that as it always comes across as more powerful when you have a life changing experience but then again, people who have had a dramatic change in their lives say to me that they feel they have missed out on years of being
a Christian and regret some of their past. I guess both ways have their merits. The important thing is that we surrender our lives to the one who created us, the one who knows us better than anyone else, the one who has our best interests at heart, the one who can guide us so we can live a more fulfilled life in his service, the one who dies for us, Jesus.