Janis Smith   Vocals


Who said life is easy? It is not.  My childhood was not good. Although I was born into a family of both parents, money etc was not there. My father went to New Zealand to work, he never came back and my mother did not want to go.

From an early age I found myself as a loner. I had my Mum but did not have friends.


I married very young, this did not work out. From this I went into another relationship, this turned out to be abusive. I went on to have 5 children and I still felt very lonely, I put all my love into the children. At this time I lived between two churches, a Baptist church on one side and a Catholic on the other. Over time I had visits from both churches. On one occasion a visit came just at the right time and they came back time and time again to make sure that I was ok.


One day I was invited to a service. I went, I sat on the front row, I loved the singing and I was very emotional. Whilst I was there a beam of light came through the window shining on me. That day I gave my life to the Lord, Jesus and the bible became my friend. My Partner saw a change in me and wanted what I had. He too gave his life to the Lord. The next five years were the best we had. The relationship final finished. I now was on my own again with the children.


I have my ups and downs and in the past have gone away from God, but this is the wrong thing to do. When God is with you, you can get through anything but I am at my happiest when the Lord is there to help me as I know what ever is thrown at me my God is there always.