Hampton group shot

July 2010 and a much changed Peacemakers line up made the short trip to Hampton to play at the Avery House Residential Home. Pete, Steph, Florin and Doug were all unavailable with Claude standing in on bass guitar, Tim taking over the on the drums and Sandy joining Sam and Bill on vocals.
  This was a lovely gig and we were all made very welcome by the staff, and there was a good atmosphere. Thanks to the encouragement of a few of the nurses there was lots of clapping and arm waving...and a good time was enjoyed by all. Always good to see lots of happy smiling faces.
  During this gig, Sam was given a framed photograph of the band as this was her last gig with the Peacemakers. Simon and Matt were both around dealing with the sound and Dave Rayner and John were doing the lifting about of equipment.
  The usual apology here with regards the photographs! The band played in front of some large windows and it made the lighting a tad on the difficult side. Apologies therefore that some of the photographs are not quite as sharp as I would have liked.
  This was a genuinely good afternoon, and on behalf of the band, thanks to everyone for making our stay here so enjoyable. Good to see Avery House's two very well behaved pet dogs put in an appearence during the show....we don't play to two men and a dog.....we play to two dogs!!!!!.

Hampton 5
Hampton 3
Hampton 2
Hampton 4
Hampton 8
Hampton 6
Hampton 7
Hampton sam presentation
Hampton 1
Hampton 11
HAmpton dog