Foyer Practice Sam and Pete
Foyer Practice Les
Drumskin and Toy

Late April 2009, and a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The band were together to play a gig at the Foyer in Peterborough.

  Photographs of the gig itself can be found on the next page. Here though, just a few photographs of the band doing their soundcheck and warming up!
  It has to be said at this point that a few eyes were drawn in the direction of the TV that was on in the room in which the band were playing. It was the penultimate day of the English Football League season and much was still up for grabs.
  This was the afternoon that Peterborough United secured promotion to the Championship, to the delight of one or two of the band!
  Drummer Pete had more than a passing interest in how Gillingham were doing (promoted via the Play Offs a few weeks later I am sure he would want me to tell you!)
  Anyway, thanks to all at the Foyer for making us feel so welcome. An enjoyable day indeed.

Pete Sam and Steph
Brian and Les at Foyer
Foyer Phil and Florin
Foyer practice Les and Sam