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A child of the 60's! So many changes in that decade. Styles and fashions changed weekly. Attitudes, opinions, and of course music seemed to be on a constant roll, and fear was the driving force.The Cold War and the Atomic Bomb made young people live for the moment, fearing the future. As a teenager, I was in a promising rock/blues band in North London, and only just holding down a job at the same time. I was living a careless and superficial life, and I soon found myself looking for something deep.
  The trouble was that I was looking in all the wrong places, and got deeply involved in the Occult, going to seances and studying the Occult religions that were popular in the 60's.As the decade drew to a close I became a withdrawn and disturbed young man, with no band and no job. I was dishillusioned, burned out, lonely and feeling lost.
  Two lifelines were offered to me. One was to go to the South coast with some friends and "Drop Out", the other offer was from my brother Dave, a practicing Christian and now Pastor of Fenlands church. He lived in South East London and was there that I found the "deeper thing" that I was looking for.We spent many late nights talking, listening to music, strumming guitars and it was through his sensitive teaching that God changed my mind, attitudes and opinions. I found that Christians didn't live superficial, careless lives, and that the love of God in Jesus Christ, His Son, goes deeper, higher and wider than any other thing tried or offered. Today, thirty or more years later, I can still say the same, that the Lord Jesus Christ can answer every need.

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