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II was brought up in a Christian family going to church each Sunday and doing my best to be kind and good. I knew about being born again but convinced myself that this was only for those who were not as fortunate as me to have Christian parents.
At the age of 15 I was invited to attend a Billy Graham mission event at Anfield football ground and together with the rest of my Sunday school class we made the trip to Liverpool.
I listened and watched as hundreds of people went forward to make a commitment to God and become Born Again, it was at this point that I began to wonder if I ought to be going forward. I decided not to, but over the next week I asked a lot of questions to our pastors wife and she gently explained that I needed to have a personal relationship with God and that although my parents help to steer me in the right direction the final step of commitment had to be mine.
The following Saturday I was able to make a return trip to Billy Graham and this time I took the long walk down the steps and onto the pitch. A lady called June prayed with me and I committed my life to the Lord.
God has since found me a husband and given us six wonderful blessings, Sarah, Louise, Robin, Katie, Charley and Rebekah.