"Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I know that I have sinned in my thoughts, words and actions. There are many good things that I have not done. There are many sinful things that I have done. I am sorry for my sins, and turn away from everything that I know to be wrong. You gave your life upon the cross for me. Gratefully, I give my life back to You. I asked You to come in to my life, come in as my Saviour, to cleanse me, come in as my Lord to control me and come in as my friend to be with me. I will serve you all the remaining years of my life in complete obedience. Amen"

I felt wonderful. I cannot explain the feeling that I had. I knew that Jesus was now in my life. I now understood what a born again Christian was.
  This was when life began for me. I found that I could serve God through music. I could play the worship songs in a church band. I wrote Christian songs and tried to get a band together.
  Then I moved to Peterborough. I joined Nene Family Church and soon settled down. I was encouraged to develop the band with 60's style music. We became "Brian And The Peacemakers"
  We have played quite a few gigs now, and really enjoy playing our hearts out. We do it for God...even though it's Rock and Roll! In between, we can talk about Jesus to the audience. Perhaps this means that you are listening to me and thinking "I don't know what he's talking about!" I understand, but remember, in the end God found me!
  If you feel that reading my story has "struck a chord", please do not think that it is all nonsense and ignore it - like I once did. I didn't find God - God found me! You can make excuses for not turning to God now, but how do you know when you will have another chance? We all need to face up to life, and death, and eternity sometime. Why not now? Why not visit a church, or come and visit us at Life Church. A link to the Life Church website can be found in the links page section of this site.


Pakefield pre gig 11
Image125 Brian & Christine